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Jack and Sally Amigurumi by AnyaZoe


Do you remember the awesome knitted brain we posted about a few weeks ago? We may have just found the rest of the body.

Canadian artist Shanell Papp knitted this life-size reproduction of a dissected human corpse for an awesome and elaborate Lab installation that includes containers and displays for each of the internal organs. It’s the coziest gross anatomy class you’ve ever seen.

Shanell “has long been fascinated by death and the human body. This installation of a human body being dissected was an expression of that interest:

“To make the work, I borrowed a human skeleton from the university and collected anatomical textbooks. I also managed to track down a mortuary gurney for displaying the work–a mortuary gave me a gurney after a renovation…they were looking to get rid of it since “people are were getting too fat for the gurney.” I also worked in an old hospital turned history museum. I also went to open house day at a local funeral…they gave me a decorative pen. During my graduate studies, I was granted open access to the gross anatomy lab, though I was long finished making LAB/skeleton at this point. I was given access to draw, look around…. It is always funny how specimens are collected and cared for.”

Click here to read an interview with the artist and then head over to Shanell Papp’s website to view many more photos of her amazing Lab, the yarn corpse, and its organs.

[via Neatorama]


This Catbus amigurumi from My Neighbor Totoro is amazing!

Made by Kamidake

Miniature Amigurumi Cake von enna design auf Flickr
Baddies (monsters) free crochet pattern by Carrie Huffman


Mirror, a free pattern for a pair of knit socks from Josiah Bain.


So much fun to knit! 😊 Yarn is Regia Stripemania Color in 6367 Rainbow


So much fun to knit! 😊 Yarn is Regia Stripemania Color in 6367 Rainbow

FREE PATTERN for Spiral Squares
Floral Fantasy – Yarn Art by the Hat & I
DIY Heart Blanket


Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam is a crochet artist from Japan who makes gigantic crochet installations that act as both art and playgrounds. Toshiko’s installation art, once mistaken by children for a playground, suddenly found new life and she began working on many playgrounds in Japan. To learn more, visit Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam’s bio.

Crocheted ice creams by Lynne Rowe - free pattern
Harold the Hedgehog- Free Crochet Pattern
Flower Amigurumi - Free Pattern

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